Saturday, 4 May 2013

Fixing stage complete - 26/03/2013

We went down to have a look at the house last weekend and met with our SS to go over the progress so far and where to from here. When we arrived the painters were prepping and he told us they should be finished by this weekend.

Fixing stage is officially complete, all cabinets are in, the benchtop in the laundry is in. Our sinks for the bathrooms and kitchen got taken by the stone cutters for our benchtops. Can't wait to see the benchtops in, should be another week apparently.

The progress will seem like it's slowing down now because from here on out all of the jobs will seem very behind the scenes, but the SS assures us we're moving along at a great pace and once tiles are done he can give us a move in date. At this stage we're still looking at June but no idea whether that will be early, mid or late June. Can't wait to find out!

Some photos from last weekend:

Ensuite double vanity. We changed the standard design to add a set of drawers in the middle. Had to fight for them (as you always do when changing PD's standard designs!) but I couldn't handle not having the convenience of drawers!

Master bedroom doors and entry to the walk in robe

Main bathroom vanity

Kitchen missing sink, dishwasher, stove, benchtops and paint (among other things!). Otherwise looking pretty damn good I think!

Looking at overhead cabinets and walk in pantry on the left

Laundry trough, nice and big!

Alfresco with the supporting beam removed

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