Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lock up stage complete

The house is moving along much faster than we had expected! So far no significant complaints, no hold ups, excellent communication from both our Building Coordinator and Site Supervisor. Could not be happier! At this rate we're hoping handover might be some time in June, but it's hard to say, anything could happen between now and then so we're not counting our chickens before they've hatched!

We got the email this week to let us know that fixing stage is complete so we arranged a meeting with our SS for Friday afternoon so we can have a walk through and point out any issues we have at this stage. Can't wait to see how it's all going! Last time we went through was two weeks ago when lock up had just been completed. Here are some photos from that day. Hopefully I can report back this weekend with some exciting new progress photos from fixing!

The usual photo from out the front.Wonder if SS would mind moving that portaloo off to the side? ;)

Our MAAAASSSSSIVE hallway! Not sure how I didn't realise it before, but God, it's a lot of hallway!
From the corner of the living area, looking at the dining area, laundry behind that, kitchen and alfresco. Hopefully this weekend there will be some cabinets in that kitchen!

From the corner of the backyard.

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