Monday, 27 May 2013

The beautiful floors, plus splashback, tiles and carpet.

*Updated 5/6/13 with extra photos*

Ah, the floors I argued so long and hard with Rhys over are in and they look magnificent! Well, they look a bit dirty actually, but once cleaned up they will look magnificent! Again, all pics taken through windows because of lock up so sorry for any reflections/crappy quality. (Update 5/6/13 - Some indoor photos taken and uploaded now)

Photo taken from outside. Looking through the sliding doors down hallway. Confirmed with Construction Manager (looking after us while SS is away) that paint is definitely Flokati. Looks much better with wooden floors in I think, less creamy and more grey!
Photo taken from inside

Looking in from the kitchen window, also a good shot of our undermount sink. 

Night Sky Caesar Stone and splashback. The Splashback paint colour is a white which shows up as light blue with the glass tint.
Beautiful pantry shelving!

Splashback colour in the daytime. Photo taken from inside the pantry!

The usual shot from the front, for the very first time NOT featuring a portaloo, woohoo! Front door has been painted. Garage door, driveway, paint, render still to come. Landscaping shortly after handover. Portico long way away after handover!
And for anyone wondering about the tiles, here's where we're at! The shower screens have been taken down, waterproofing redone, tiler coming back this week to start again. Those feature tiles will be removed as well. Porter Davis offered us a $1,000 credit to leave them the way they were. Not a chance in hell!
UPDATE 5/06/13: Now the tiler has come and fixed what was wrong we got a couple of pictures as he was working away

The feature tiles, checked to make sure they were right this time:

and now for a couple carpet pictures
 and one out the garage to see the mud


  1. love the floors + the rest of the house.

  2. threw up a few more pictures from inside this time

  3. Floors look amazing. Subway tiles fabulous, sooo much better. Feature tiles are very similar to ours so can't wait to see what they look like.
    Great to see everything take shape.

  4. Thanks Mumma Deb and Ynot Ynot!

    Won't be long now!