Saturday, 18 May 2013

Further progress

Rhys and I went down to check out the house yesterday. We'd been told the tiles and painting were all finished so I was pretty excited to see the tiles all put together. The house was locked up but we could see a fair bit through the windows. I had a look through the windows of the bathroom and all I could say was "Uh... well that's wrong!" The white wall tiles were supposed to be laid "subway" or "brick bond" style (see our tiles post for reference) but they were just sitting there, all grid like and boring and normal! And then our beautiful feature tiles were not our feature tiles at all, they were a brown stone pattern! BROWN?! How the hell did they get it that far wrong?! I'm thinking they must have just read the wrong item number for the feature tiles, they're not even close! Also some of the power points were mixed up. I'll post some photos below and show you what I mean. Sorry for the crappy quality, all taken through windows I'm afraid!

Fences removed, first coat of render on, looking very house-like!

You may not be able to see, but that's a four point entertainment power point in the garage. The theatre room has a two point power point. *sigh* Come on PD!

Paint - Flokati by Watyl. Looks pretty good to me! All our lights are in too, with the chinaman hat fittings.

Caesar stone benchtops! Mostly covered by the protective wood but you get the idea.

Undermount sink looking lovely! And all our handles are on.

The floor tiles are right, thank God.
Houston, we have a problem! Wall tiles in shower, above sink, and on the wall above the bath are going to have to be taken down and redone!
To make matters worse, our Site Supervisor is away on leave for the next 3 weeks, so we've emailed our Building Coordinator with these concerns and asked her to pass them on to whoever is looking after our site while SS is away. Hopefully they can sort it out soon! I'm thinking that since the wet areas are otherwise almost finished, if they're smart about managing their trades it shouldn't hold us back too much. We'll see though!


  1. Such a shame about your tiles but I do agree the subway pattern would look much nicer. Also, are you sure thats Flokati paint? It looks good but seems very creamy in your pics? Might be worth checking out as even though your happy with it a bit of money back wouldn't hurt! :)

  2. Hey Jacqui W. I initially thought that it didn't look as blue-grey as I had thought it would as well, so I've confirmed it with our BC and she says it's definitely Flokati on the painter's paperwork. She said though that she'd have our BC's manager double check since he's very familiar with the colour apparently. Maybe it will look different once the floors are in I guess!