Friday, 21 June 2013


So we had PCI on Tuesday 18 June. All went very well. Our independent inspector met us on site and went through the outside and roof while we went through the interior with our SS. Overall Porter Davis have done a really great job! The only things to fix up from PCI were:

  • Minor scratches on floorboards - looks like someone has dragged a heavy box across the floor scratching 5-6 of the planks.
  • Some grout missing from ensuite feature tiles.
  • Render not painted yet (weather has been awful, they haven't had a chance to let it dry out and repaint yet).
  • Weather seals on front door.
  • Paint touch ups (whole house)
  • Leak in alfresco roof - most likely where solar panel is. Need to fix leak, replaster alfresco ceiling, repaint with damp-guard paint.
  • Drains in showers haven't been put back in yet.
  • Chips in ensuite basins where tiles have been dropped. Being replaced.
  • Dirt around house to fill in holes.
  • Couple of electrical items missing their covers (one light switch and a TV point).
  • Smoke alarm missing battery.

Looks like a decent list but really for a whole house it's not too bad! And most of those things are pretty minor. As far as building standards go our inspector was very impressed. He's going to come back out after handover and do another inspection since most of the things he'd noted on PCI day were already on our SS's list, so he'll come back to make sure those things got done and nothing further needs to be addressed when 3 month inspection rolls around.

We got the Certificate of Occupancy on Friday and I faxed that off to the bank with everything else, so now it's just a matter of the bank getting someone out to do their final valuation and then organising a cheque, and we're good to go! We should be looking at around the 4th July (Independence Day!).

Now to organise fences, curtains, movers, landscaping, furniture deliveries etc etc!!

Sinks being replaced - chipped. Feature tiles and subway tiles looking beautiful though!

Love it!

Living area. Planks to be replaced near door due to scratching. Paint touch ups. Otherwise pretty damn good!


  1. Hey guys, looking great!
    Loving those floor boards :) (It's meihime here from H1).

    Not such a big list of things to fix, you guys must be very excited now :D

    As for the "Dirt to fill in holes", is that for actual holes that have been left around your site or is this more to fill around the house itself?

    Anyway, looking forward to more pics once you've started to furnish the place!
    Good luck!!

  2. Hey there,
    The dirt to fill the holes is to go around the site as theres water pooling from the recent rain and the site cleaning people got bogged in the bobcat so they are going to add some dirt to help the water drain away from the house next time it rains and digging a channel to drain it off first