Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Base Stage Complete

Since the last post we've had some pretty exciting progress! Our site scrape day was 15th February and we had the slab go down on Friday 1st March. Base stage is now officially complete! We've booked in Neale Todd from Jim's Building Inspections to do three inspections - base stage, lock up and handover - No issues to report at base stage. Rhys has met with the Site Supervisor, Cam, and we're looking forward to having him supervise the build. Cam did our friend's house in the Estuary which has just finished and they couldn't speak highly enough of him, so we requested him for our build thinking it couldn't hurt and the timing actually worked perfectly!

We've also just made our first mortgage repayment. Even at interest only that bloody hurt, considering that we're still paying rent as well. I can only pray that the build runs pretty much to time so we're not forking out for both rent and the build for too long (please be good to us Cam)! Speaking of renting, we had planned to move down to a house in Geelong a week or so ago but at the last minute those plans fell through. Basically the landlord decided they want to keep the property vacant after all. So we're still in Melbourne and now will be until the house is built. It kind of sucks because it means we have to travel down to check out the build whenever something exciting happens, but at least we've saved money on moving costs I guess. Trying to look at the bright side!!

Next step: Frame! Frame stage scheduled to commence on 7 March. Can't wait!

Here are some photos of the progress so far:

Above: After site scrape - Not much to see except a portaloo and an electricity box!

Front of the house and the grand alfresco area. Can't wait to have a few wines on that!

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