Thursday, 24 January 2013

At last!!

I'm sorry there hasn't been a post for a few months but to be honest it's really just because nothing's been happening! Our little block of dirt has been just that, a block of dirt! Although there was a little progress in that they finished the crossovers, the footpaths, and planted a tree. This photo was taken on December 8th and it's pretty much exactly how it looks today:

I can not tell you how excited I was to park in "our driveway" for the first time haha!

Well now I have NEWS! The land has finally settled!! It's been a long wait, having signed up back in May 2012 (8 months ago!) but yes, finally, we can get moving on building our first house :).

I spoke to our building coordinator today and she said that we've been penciled in for a site start date of February 15th which seems so soon now! We're moving down to Geelong into a rental house in late February and it's crazy now to think that there might actually be something other than the above picture to see once we move down. I must say, I hear a lot about people having terrible BCs and I'm really grateful that Dakota has been lovely for us. She's been our only BC since day 1 and has always been good at replying to emails, telephone calls, keeping us updated etc. I can only hope it stays this way!

Hopefully the next time I write I'll be showing you pictures of some real tangible progress. Until then, wish us luck!

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