Saturday, 20 October 2012

Electrical plans

As for electrical the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We kept the electrical easy and low cost but left provisions for work to be done later on in time after we move in and see what we need and/or want to change.

As for the water tank that is shown in the wrong location as we decided to move it to the blind side of the house towards the hot water service. Also we'll be installing our own slimline tank, not the standard Porter Davis supplied tank. We found that the standard tank was wildly overpriced, excessively large, and looked pretty hideous to be honest.

At the electrical appointment we chose to install 2 extra gas points that aren't shown on these plans - one on the wall outside the kitchen opposite stove and the other in the roof of the alfresco too for future heating like the OZglow HE40 hanging patio heater. In doing so we also upgraded the pipework for the gas to stop any freeze up conditions. We also had the light fittings over the kitchen island reinforced to suit pendant lighting which we'll have installed after hand-over.

Electrical layout:

We put in a few extra powerpoints and lights, such as through the hallway and in the kitchen/dining/living area, so that the future owners would have more flexibility with the space.

Nbn and sound to outside

At the moment it's just the basic nbn fibre package as you can upgrade cabinet and will have conduit roughed in to feed extra data and others into rooms when we feel like doing so and I can upgrade to cat6 in my free time.

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